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“Motivate the mind and the body will follow.”

A Little About Peter Moe

“Motivate the mind and the body will follow” is a principle I strongly believe in and live by.

Anyone can make temporary changes to lose weight, eat healthier, work out, and so on. But the key to maintaining long-term success is rewiring and strengthening your mind to make proper nutrition and exercise a lifestyle. Nothing is impossible or out of reach if you really want it.

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My name is Peter Moe and I’ve created Team MOEtivate to do just that: help those in my community thrive and reach their full potential through health & fitness. With a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science from California Baptist University, along with a NASM Personal Trainer Certification, my mission is to help you fall in love with exercise and nutrition so you could live the happiest, healthiest life possible.

Team MOEtivate consists of everyone from professional athletes to mothers with no prior training. I will assess your personal goals and create a one-on-one customized regimen that will have you not only reaching your targets, but also having fun while you do it. Overcoming challenges takes effort and consistency, and I’m here to help you get over those humps and make it to where you want and deserve to be. Team MOEtivators have accomplished physical feats they never thought were achievable.

Being a part of Team MOEtivate is more than showing up and exercising. I’m here to help you take what you’ve learned in our workouts and pay it forward to those around you. You will be a positive role model in your community (family, friends, neighbors) and show others that with hard work and consistency, anything is possible. I’m here to inspire you to be an inspiration.